Worthing Gym Hub FAQs

The joining process

How do I join?

Joining The Gym Hub is a very simple process and is all carried out on this website. Click 'Join Now' from any page on the website and you will be taken to the online joining process. After you've completed a few online steps, you will receive a confirmation email for your records. Once you have this confirmation, pop in to Reception to collect your Membership Key Fob and have a quick photo taken.

You can view our Terms & Conditions here and our Health Commitment Statement here.

Can I trial The Gym Hub before joining?

The Gym Hub is currently exclusive to members only.

What happens if I have problems while I'm trying to join?

If you experience problems while trying to join online, please contact our membership provider DFC on the following email address info@debitfinance.co.uk

This is a fantastic offer, what is the catch?

There is no catch! Membership is a set price of £20 per month (A £25 one-off admin fee applies when joining), and best of all there is no contract.

What is the minimum age to join The Gym Hub?

You need to be 16 years old to join The Gym Hub. There are no restrictions for full membership options for anyone aged 16 and over. However all members below the age of 18 must have a compulsory gym induction with one of our Team due to insurance coverage purposes before they can take part in any activity at The Gym Hub.

I'm under 18; how do I book my compulsory induction?

Once you have joined please contact the hub to book in your induction.

What does 'no contract' mean?

You are not contractually tied to us for any specified period of time. That means you've got complete freedom to cancel, with no penalties at all. However, All memberships are subject to a full calendar months' notice period upon cancellation. Applications must be received in writing and should be sent to DFC. It is the member’s responsibility to notify their bank of any cancellation of direct debit.

Can I delay the start of my membership?

You are unable to delay the start of your membership.

Can I pay by cash or card?

All membership’s must be completed through our online joining portal. Due to a recent change of provider, The Gym Hub can no longer process membership’s over the counter in club. All payments for membership fees and debts must be completed through DFC.

Can I set up my direct debit with a non-UK bank account?

At present, members can only set up a direct debit for full membership with a UK bank account.

What does my first credit/debit card payment include?

When joining The Gym Hub online you will be required to pay an initial fee, this will include;

• Your first full month's membership fee

• A pro rata fee (this covers the period between your joining date and first full month's membership fee)

• A one-off administration fee of £25.00

There is also the option when joining online to purchase a membership with a Wellness Key which is an additional £12.00 one off payment.

When does the first direct debit payment come out of my bank?

All monthly membership fees thereafter are collected on the date chosen on setting up your membership. This will show up on your statement as "Adur Community Leisure". 

How do I re-join?

If you have previously been a member of The Gym Hub and would like to re-join, simply go through the online application process as before. The system will recognise your details and update your account moving forward.

Is this website secure?

Yes, the sign-up section of our website is secure. For more information please contact DFC at info@debitfinance.co.uk 

Your first visit

How do I enter The Gym Hub?

On your first visit, pop in to Reception to collect your Membership Key Fob and have a quick photo taken. Use the Membership Key Fob to swipe in the access control barrier each time you return.

Are the changing rooms and showers easy to find?

All areas are clearly signposted and you will be directed to them from the main entrance. If you need any directions please ask a member of our team.

What if I need help while I'm in The Gym Hub?

Our Fitness Professionals are on hand to answer any queries and help you with equipment during opening hours, or use the doorbell that is available at Reception. Alternatively, you can fill in the form in the Contact Us section of this website or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be in touch.

I have a disability; will I have problems getting into The Gym Hub?

Disabled parking is available in the Guilbourne centre car park and lifts are available for all levels. The Gym Hub has a designated disabled changing room which is on the same floor as the gym.

I swipe my Membership Key Fob but the door won't open. What should I do?

In the unlikely event this happens, press the call button and a member of staff will be able to assist you.

Being a member of The Gym Hub

What are the opening hours of The Gym Hub?

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday: 6am - 9pm. Saturday: 7am - 4pm, and Sunday: 8am - 4pm. Last entry to The Gym Hub is one hour prior to closing.

Will I be issued with a membership card by The Gym Hub?

Yes, you will be issued with a Membership Key Fob that is unique to you; it gives you access to The Gym Hub via swipe readers located on the access control barriers in reception.

Can I share or give my Membership Key Fob to somebody else to use?

Under no circumstances can you give or share your Membership Key Fob to anybody else. To protect the interests and ensure the safety of our members, offenders will have their membership cancelled. All members entering and exiting The Gym Hub are monitored by CCTV 24/7 to further enhance member safety and prevent membership abuse.

Do I have to book an induction and is there a cost for this?

 We recommend you do book a FREE session so that you get the most out of your gym visits. However, these sessions are not compulsory, unless you are under the age of 18. Inductions can be booked through Reception.

Do you do a group induction?

The induction can be completed with a maximum of two people with similar goals, so why not join The Gym Hub with a friend and bring them along? Working out together helps achieve your goals. Inductions are advised but not compulsory.

Will personal training be available?

Yes this is available from our Lime Personal Trainers at an affordable additional cost, either on a one-to-one or small group basis.

How much is a personal training session?

All Lime Personal Trainers are freelance and work to a payment structure agreed by The Gym Hub. You can make an enquiry on the Personal Training page.

Does The Gym Hub have a corporate scheme?

We do not currently offer a corporate scheme.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by Contacting DFC at info@debitfinance.co.uk notifying them that you'd like to cancel. You must give a month’s notice of cancellation by the 20th of the month. All membership cancellations are handled by DFC directly, no membership’s can be cancelled in club or via our direct debit team as was previously the case.

Can I rejoin at the price I paid before?

Our Hub100 and Early Bird Lifetime Price Freeze covers all Hub100 and Early Bird members who have maintained their membership from the time they first joined, without cancelling and re-joining. If you cancel your membership with us and re-join, you are classed as a new member. That's why we suggest that if you need to take a break from The Gym Hub, you freeze your membership for £10 per month rather than leave. This means you are unable to use the facility whilst frozen but will not be charged the admin fee when you return. You can freeze your membership by contacting DFC directly at info@debitfinance.co.uk 

Facilities & Equipment

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

Yes, you will have up to an hour FREE with a member of the team as part of a complimentary induction session in which we show you how to operate the equipment. Time slots can be booked using the online booking timetable. To get to the online booking timetable click the link you received in the welcome email when you joined The Gym Hub. 

Do you supply paper towel dispensers to wipe down equipment?

As stated in The Gym Hub rules, a small gym towel must be carried to wipe down equipment after use as a courtesy to other members. We do not supply paper towels because we want to keep membership costs at a minimum and avoid unnecessary waste, in line with our Environmental Policy.

Does the facility include sauna, steam, spa and pool?

We offer a high-quality exercise and fitness facility with no 'frills and fuss', therefore have opted not to have a sauna, steam, spa and pool. That keeps our membership costs fantastically low, along with our carbon footprint!

Do you have sunbeds and when can I use them?

We currently do not have sunbeds at The Gym Hub.

Do you have classes available?

Snap Sessions are available at The Gym Hub but are not on a structured basis. Snap Sessions include HIIT Training, Circuits, Abs Blast, Group Cycling and much more. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and in Club for session times.

Do you provide parking?

The Gym Hub Wickford

Yes we have 31 car parking spaces that are free of charge, including 3 accessible parking bays. We also have 4 motorcycle parking bays and 20 bike storage spaces.

The Gym Hub Worthing

Our Worthing club is in a central town centre location and as such offers plenty of parking options. The Guildbourne Centre itself has onsite parking for 644 spaces and prices start at £1.00 per hour. Charges apply 6am - 10pm Monday - Sunday.