Blog: Diet planning and advice


When was the last time you whole-heartedly took on a diet, only to be ridiculed for succumbing to your desire for a greasy fry up? compress image
You wouldn’t be the first or even the last to be faced with this struggle. Surrounded by opportunities in which to cave – birthdays, work functions, holidays, meals out – sticking to a diet is becoming an almost mythical notion. As quickly as you start, you give up – but it’s okay because nobody really holds out a diet anyway right?

In fact, it is possible and something people do manage. At Impulse Leisure, our Personal Trainers are qualified to provide specialist advice on nutrition. We can help you succeed, but we can only go so far. How you manage this outside of our Centres is up to you. So we have devised some handy tips to help you along the way.


Don’t choose a diet plan just because everyone else is

Diet trends come and go quickly. If a diet doesn’t sound appealing to you, don’t jump on the bandwagon simply because it’s the latest fad. If you do see a particular diet that interests you, discuss it with a Personal Trainer or someone who can offer professional advice on whether it is a good choice to go with.



Don’t fixate on one particular weight

It’s very easy to set goals, feel you’re not achieving them in the right time frame and simply give up because – frankly, what’s the point? Bodies fluctuate, and as long as the general trajectory is down then there is nothing to worry about. Setting yourself a target weight range rather than a number will reduce any bad feelings and keep you motivated for longer.


Plan in advance

This way you can mix up your meals. You won’t fall into the same trap of eating the same foods day in, day out, getting so bored you give up. Knowing the ingredients beforehand also means that you won’t fall foul to a wayward supermarket trip – a set shopping list will stop those wandering eyes.


Find what inspires you

What are your reasons for wanting to diet? Could it be that you just want to feel healthier in yourself? Are you looking to lose weight? If you feel tempted to throw in the towel, remind yourself of your motivations – giving up thus far will simply be throwing away all the hard work you have put in. Take photos of yourself regularly so you can track your progress.


Finally, don’t feel like you’re being punished

A diet shouldn’t feel like the end of cuisine freedom. Healthy food can be exciting too, and a great excuse to get creative! Find some great healthy recipes online or in a cooking book. Likewise, choose exercises that you enjoy so that working out doesn’t feel like a chore. See what exercise classes are available and perhaps try something new. Above all, don’t feel like you can’t reward yourself with a treat occasionally – you’ve worked hard!