Blog: 6 Weight loss myths worth ignoring

Few of us are strangers to the myriad of questionable fad diets, pills and fast fixes found across the fitness market. But in a world packed full of contradictory nutrition and fitness advice, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. When it comes to weight loss, you need to be sure you’re putting the right foot
forward – and you can start by discrediting the following:weight loss


Losing weight is a linear process

Your body is a complex machine. There will be days when it works with you, and days - sometimes weeks - where you’ll struggle. Your weight will fluctuate, and this is normal. Focus your mind on what you want to achieve in the long-term. Providing your weight trends downwards over time, you’re doing something right.


Losing weight quickly is bad for you

Ignore any misleading notions that those who shed pounds rapidly must be taking extreme measures to do so. The truth is that there’s no appropriate time limit for weight loss. Assuming you’ve found exercise and dietary methods that work for you, then expect your body to work at its own pace.


Carbohydrates are your enemy 

In fact, carbohydrates are one of your body’s biggest sources of energy - necessary for injecting power and endurance into your fitness regime. Rather than cutting out carbs full stop, focus on healthier, unprocessed versions of this food type like fruit, nuts, rice and vegetables. Not only are they lower in calories, they’ll keep you fuller for longer.


Pain is beauty

You’re bound to experience some temporary muscle soreness after a workout. But when the problem becomes much harder to ignore, it can halt an exercise programme full stop and cause long-term damage. Instead, always start your plan light and work your way up. More importantly, remember to read your body. It will tell you its limits.


Pounding the pavement = the only way to banish the bloat

For many, believing that cardio is the only way to achieve the body of their dreams is their biggest downfall. Adrenaline fuelled exercise may beat away the fat, but it’s also doing the same to your muscle. In order to lose weight whilst maintaining your shape, it’s important to involve strength training into your weight loss programme.


Sweat more, lose pounds

Choosing to run with the idea that you can simply sweat the pounds away is a huge fitness no no. Albeit not entirely untrue, it’s about as temporary a fix as you can get. The moment you lose water and electrolytes from your body in the form of sweat, it’s crucial to top them back up again by drinking water.